Sunday, 11 May 2014

Memorable Quotes from Session 10 of our Serpents Fall Game

"Given your character's ability to laugh in the face of danger and swing on a rope into the arse-crack of peril i'm sure it won't discourage you" - Me(GM)

"Too soon man, it's only been a session" - Pige
"Have you no respect for those pigs who went before and have fallen?" - Me
* blows nose * - Fozz
"Look, Fozz is balling his eyes out" - Afrodave
"I'm thinking of my own pig & what i'd do without him" - Fozz

"You must remain silent at all times so as not to reveal your true genger" - Carvell( as Moroveer)
"Silent?" - Fozz( as Benito)
"Yes, silent" - Carvell( as Moroveer)
"...i'll see what I can do" - Fozz( as Benito)

"A strong odour tends to keep people away" - Carvell( as Moroveer)
"You're enjoying this aren't you Moroveer?" - Fozz( as Benito)
"I never had a dressing up box as a child" - Carvell( as Moroveer)

"Might I suggest, Captain, that you shut up and let me do my job of getting us into the city and then you can do your job of dispatching the guards in a most flashy and flamboyant fashion whilst I stand in quiet awe?" - Carvell( as Moroveer)
"There's shit... in my hair" - Fozz( as Benito)

"You couldn't hear me saying 'hold on' could you?" - Carvell
"No, that's how mute works" - Afrodave

"Sometimes I like a sit down wee, it's like a treat; you've never tried weeing off the side of a ship after a full bottle of rum mate" - Fozz( as Benito)

"The Regent obviously feels that his position is sufficiently secure to kill this man, that means he's confident, when's the coronation due?" - Carvell( as Moroveer)

"Since you're so flamboyant Captain Benito i'd like to offer a potential complication for a fate point" - Me(GM)
"Go on..." - Fozz
"No! Don't fall for his offer..." - Carvell

"I'd like to offer a fate point to say that you've attracted some male attention from one of the guards given that your disguise as a woman is so convincing" - Me(GM)
"I'm all over that" - Fozz
"SOLD!" - Afrodave

"No you must not go near her, she is a penitent and a vile adultress" - Carvell( as Moroveer)
"Well, you take it where you can get it, don't you?" - Me( as lonely guardsman)

"I'm not smart and this is funny" - Fozz
"It's not, and we're so dead" - Carvell

"stop i've got a stunt... actually... no, you took the fate point, you sort it out" - Carvell

"What, you didn't bring the pirate with you this time?" - Me( as Asinor)

"Which of you is the worst rider?" - Me( as Asinor)
"I'm not sure worst is the right word, less experienced maybe" - Pige( as Horesh)

"We should all do our best to keep to our disguises, meaning that we don't all go accepting fate points anytime a lusty guard waggles his eyebrows at you" - Carvell

"You eventually find yourself to a dive called 'the Pustulent Leg'" - Me(GM)
"Is it a wretched hive of scum and villainy?" - Afrodave

"I would like to put one of my golden rings on the stub of his missing finger and say 'Drinks for everyone.'" - Fozz( as Benito)
"Make me a flamboyant roll" - Me(GM)
"Can do!" - Fozz
"He's all over that shiz" - Afrodave

"How do you like the Regent? Do you like paying your taxes?" - Fozz( as Benito)
"* laughter * Shit, I don't pay taxes" - Me( as Hrothgar 9-fingers)

"Hold on, why are you getting the woman?" - Fozz( as Benito)
"It's probably safer that way" - Carvell( as Moroveer)

"Is Godric the Saxon name for George? Just saying" - Afrodave
"If that's the first inspiration from real-world mythology you've notice in this game then you're not doing very well" - Me(GM)

"I take it you're giving him the 6 coins?" - Me(GM)
"Of course, although every penny counts, so best believe i'm planning on taking them back from his corpse" - Carvell( as Moroveer)

"There will be time for revenge once Mervane is buried in the Great Forest, then we will take such revenge that it will make the dragons themselves weep" - Me( as Asinor)

"That's how we do it in Stygia BITCH!" - Afrodave( as Ozuchi)

"You notice that anything Hrothgar touches seems to disappear into his jerkin a few seconds later" - Me(GM)
"I like him" - Fozz

"How much do you want to bet that's Ozuchi and Horesh trying to get in?" - Fozz( as Benito)