Monday, 7 April 2014

Memorable quotes from session 8 of our Serpents Fall game

My favourite quotes from session 8 of our Serpent's Fall game titled "A Cold Wind from the North":

"Good entrance Horesh" - Fozz( as Benito)

"There is a lot of blood Horesh, are you injured?" - Afrodave( as Ozuchi)
"Yes I am fine but my pig has fallen" - Pige( as Horesh)

"So what you're saying is that, all that is between us and our escape route is an army? Brilliant" - Fozz( as Benito)

"Do you have another army on the other side of theirs?" - Carvell( as Moroveer)
"No, but we do have a Gunnar Kron" - Fozz( as Benito)

"A delay, whilst helpful, is not long-term planning" - Carvell( as Moroveer)

"We now have an ancestral being fighting besides us" - Pige( as Horesh)
"Well that's one more, there you go Moroveer, one more towards building an army" - Afrodave( as Ozuchi)

"Oh they're going to suffocate us out... quality." - Carvell( as Moroveer)

" would appear they are trying to gas you out with poisonous herbs and plants" - Me(GM)
"Uh, guys! Guys! How are we coming with that grate???" - Carvell( as Moroveer)

"Hooo oooo ooo ooo!" - Pige( as Horesh jumping into the cold river)

"Kron jumps into the river and begins swimming towards the bank..." - Me(GM)
"...more like the river gets out of his way." - Pige

"Is your belt flamboyantly longer than a normal belt?" - Pige

"Did no-one know that Benito wears a rope ladder as a belt?" - Me(GM)

"Which one are you trying to help first?" - Me(GM)
"Probably Moroveer" - Fozz( as Benito)
"Oh you pr*ck!" - Afrodave( as Ozuchi)

"...and the ancestral spirit just shakes his head that he's had to help these two choads out of a river" - Pige
"Those two need to learn to swim." - Fozz

"Would you like a fate point Captain Benito?" - Me(GM)
"I'd like my pig!" - Fozz

"They'll have men out looking for us, why don't we take their uniforms and use them to get back in?" - Carvell( as Moroveer)
"Have you seen their uniforms???" - Fozz( as Benito)
"And I don't exactly look like a Saxon warrior" - Afrodave( as Ozuchi)

"Whilst that's an excellent plan I think we stand out to much, I have red skin and Kron is 100 foot tall" - Fozz( as Benito)

"Oh yeah, it's a spiritual rain... it's raining spirits" - Afrodave

"Come in and share our fire and some soup, i'm afraid it's a poor show of hospitallity but what with the Regent taxing us so..." - Me(GM)
"Do we have any rations we can share?" - Fozz( as Benito)
"*cough* pig *cough* pig" - Afrodave( as Ozuchi)
"The pig is not a ration" - Fozz( as Benito)

"If we fail in a fight later because you ate too much soup superbly..." - Pige

"Winter hit us hard but you can't tell the Regent that, he wants his taxes whether you will or no" - Me( as the farmer Cenhelm)

"Don't worry about that, I'm Benito, king of the Sword Isles" - Fozz( as Benito)
"Where?" - Me( as Cenhelm the farmer)
"That's right" - Fozz( as Benito)
"He doesn't know where that is" - Afrodave( as Ozuchi)

"Can you all make me a clever roll?" - Me(GM)
"Oh god! Think there was something a bit funny in that one sip of soup that I had" - Pige

"All i'm saying is that, like your father and his father used to work this land..." - Carvell( as Moroveer)
"...and 'is father before him!" - Me( as Cenhelm the farmer)

"It appeared there were some people... now calm yourself Benito i'm going to say something quite exciting... astride boar steeds with blue tattooed bodies" - Pige( as Horesh)
"* eyes widen *" - Fozz( as Benito)

"It looks like they've got their own Kron" - Afrodave( as Ozuchi)

"We need this pig to grow faster" - Fozz( as Benito)

"Sorry I completely forgot about that " - Fozz( as Benito)
"It's alright i'm here to be your memory, i'm the serious face of the group" - Afrodave( as Ozuchi)

"He wants to bloody death priest everything!" - Afrodave( as Ozuchi)

"His spirits on it's way out so i'm gonna lock it down and have a chat" - Pige( as Horesh)

"So essentially we've got 8 days to get into the city, get rid of the Regent and rally the army ready to face the northmen?" - Pige( as Horesh)
"Yes." - Afrodave( as Ozuchi)

"Good session" - Afrodave
"It's getting all a bit 5p 10p" - Fozz

Link to session actual play video: