Friday, 11 April 2014

Memorable Quotes from Session 9 of our Serpents Fall Game

"Don't mind me, just gotta drain the dragon" - Me( as Cenhelm)

"Horesh... why don't you just send out the raven?" - Carvell( as Moroveer)
"Yeah... good point Moroveer" - Pige( as Horesh)

"A lot of minuses there, I think your dice are broken" - Afrodave

"I've got a horrible feeling that if I stick with that roll that whatever it is will conveniently turn out to be a bird catcher and my raven will go the 

same way as my pig" - Pige
"I am convenient bird catcher... SURPRISE!" - Afrodave

"Oh, I knew he was old, but didn't think he was massive beard reet old" - Pige

"So if the weather is localised, what was at the centre?" - Carvell( as Moroveer)
"I... umm... didn't think to check that out" - Pige( as Horesh)

"First of all, Ozuchi what's happened to your hand" - Pige( as Horesh)
"Something to do with the cold, Benito says the frost has 'bitten' me, it must be a spiritual thing" - Afrodave( as Ozuchi)

"Ozuchi, before you run out, what are you wearing?" - Pige( as Horesh)
"A loincloth, my Stygian grundies" - Afrodave

"So what you're saying is that he could possibly lead the Regent's men right to us?" - Carvell( as Moroveer)
"Possibly..." - Pige( as Horesh)

"Sorry, have I been out here a long time? I'm having a bit of trouble... only I wasn't expecting it to be so cold" - Me( as Cenhelm having a piss)

"There is a sibilant tone to his voice" - Me(GM)
"Snakey" - Pige

"Lord Wulfric puts on an impressive turn of speed following you" - Me(GM)
"Of course he does, he's got my familiar inside him, ungrateful b*stard" - Afrodave( as Ozuchi)

"You see in some places where water was dripping from Kron that it has frozen and formed icycles" - Me(GM)
"Oh sh*t son" - Pige

"Oh! It's deviltry!" - Me( as Asec)

"Try to get as close as possible without getting sucked into some cyclone and dying, i'm getting a bit paranoid about the death of my companions now" - 

Pige( as Horesh)

"We've also only got 5 days, the norsicans are about to invade and attack Winchester" - Afrodave( as Ozuchi)
"Yeah, about incoming attacks... with the raven checking out the centre of the storm, I could see shapes bigger than a man moving in at it's heart" - 

Pige( as Horesh)

"Another epic roll, give me the details son... tell me what I want to know!" - Pige

"Would I know if these things had any frost related abilities" - Pige( as Horesh)
"Given that the one in your vision rose up out of a snow covered landscape, it's a fair assumption" - Me(GM)

"Well it looks like some kind of norsican demon is coming to kill Kron" - Pige( as Horesh)
"... or everything" - Afrodave( as Ozuchi)

"I want to create an advantage by setting up a ritual around it with incest and the snow i've collected" - Afrodave( as Horesh)
"With what?" - Pige
"I think you mean incense again" - Me(GM)

"The norsican warriors do the will of the ancient one" - Me(GM)
"Oh... bad times" - Afrodave( as Ozuchi)

"So who wants to go back to chasing pirates? Ain't nobody got time for this" - Fozz( as Benito)

"I have a working knowledge of weather systems because, you know, ships need weather" - Fozz( as Benito)

"So we're gonna hide him in this small farmhouse? It doesn't have many hiding places, just a cloth" - Afrodave( as Ozuchi)

"Don't forget, i'm still in the spiritual zone, right by the window" - Pige( as Horesh)
"Chuck a blanket over him!" - Fozz( as Benito)
"Wake up! * slap *" - Afrodave( as Ozuchi)

"Get on your way or i'll release the dogs! And i'll slam the door" - Carvell( as Moroveer)
"And i'll stand behind him going 'Yeah!'" - Fozz( as Benito)

"Two of your fate points you say... interesting... I will take your damage" - Afrodave

"My question from before remains... why?" - Carvell
"Because i'm a bad boy" - Afrodave

"So, good job we didn't go to sleep then lads" - Pige( as Horesh)

"I'm going to leave sneakily... and it's not going to go well for me" - Fozz( as Benito)
"Did you come out with a one man band or something?" - Pige

"I'm gonna go at him like a Stygian martial arts bad boy" - Afrodave( as Ozuchi)

"STYGIAN... BITCH!" - Afrodave( as Ozuchi)

"I call dibs on the bag" - Carvell( as Moroveer)
"I kill it, I keep it" - Fozz( as Benito)